Robert Bean

Narrative Artist | Arts Educator | Artist Mentor
Slinging Stories on Canvas and Paper Since 1998

Narrative Artist: Dynamic, Bold Storytelling

Since he first discovered the pulpy pages of the comic book in those warm summers as a child, Robert Bean has worked to develop his craft to include not only vibrant and visually stunning images, but character and story as well. He seeks out the image in every story and the story in every image. Fond of some of the greatest illustrators of the twentieth century, Robert has honed his craft to reflect that influence, using bold, clean lines, dynamic black and white compositions, and impactful and brilliant colors in his work.

Arts Educator: Clear, Organized Instruction

Robert believes in making a studio practice accessible to anyone willing to make the effort. With this in mind he works hard to break down complex concepts into simple lessons that allow the student to learn through a progression of ideas. He strives to give feedback on student work that is valuable to the student, showing them both the flaws and the successes as a way to help them grow. Robert has spent nearly a decade helping people of all ages and walks of life develop their artistic sensibilities and studio practices.

Artist Mentor: Individualized, Insightful Support

Being a practicing artist isn’t the easiest path to travel, but it is one full of rewards beyond what you will find in other places. Robert understands the trials and troubles that this kind of career and path can present and works one-on-one with artists to help them see the curves in the road before they come upon them. Through this individualized mentorship Robert helps artists to plan, organize, budget, and make sure their practice is heading in the direction they want it to go. Encouraging and positive, Robert works to make sure those he is mentoring become the best practicing artist they can be.

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