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Welcome to Heatwave High!

Summers are getting warmer and warmer every year - and there is nothing like getting into what you think is your car only to discover you just crawled into something closer to an oven. This summer, instead of getting out and driving to an art class, which puts you in an oven and puts another car on the road, why not take a series of short classes over Zoom from your air-conditioned studio or home?

Heatwave High is designed to give you the option of taking just one session or many rather than tying you down with a recurring class. If you only have time for one session this summer because of travel then you can take just that one! If you have the time and desire you can take all five - it’s up to you.

Registering for more than one class can save you money in the form of bundling - simply select one class to start and click register. At the Square checkout page select how many classes you want to bundle together and it will add the bundled cost at a discount from registering for each one separately! After registering for that first class you will be contacted in order to find out which other classes you want to take and the Zoom links will be emailed to you.

As always, if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me! See you online this summer at Heatwave High!


Boost Your Summer with this Free Workshop

Back to Drawing is a workshop designed to help you get back to the fundamentals of drawing and 2D art - providing you with lots of prompts, ideas, and methods to get your practice back in gear! Robert will give examples of how he meshes a daily drawing practice with his busy schedule and show you how to make time when you think you don’t have any. Several online drawing exercises will be presented, exercises you can take back to your studio and use when you need to! Best of all it is free!

NOTE: because this class is FREE it isn’t part of the bundling option. You’ll have to register for this class separate from the others.

A Workshop About Seeing the Relationships of Objects

Understanding how objects interact with each other is important in creating strong 2D images. Often we run into problems of proportion and scale when we don’t know how to accurately relate what we see in front of us. This workshop will help you develop the tools you need to better see what you are drawing (or envision) and how to make sure it all fits the way it should on the image plane.

A Workshop About Solid Foundations

One of the biggest mistakes that students make in their approach to 2D art is that they don’t see, and therefore understand, the underlying forms that “build” the objects they are trying to render. This class will teach you how to see those core forms through several practice exercises and show you how to build objects from shape to form to contour.

A Workshop About Drama in the Visual Image

Learn why contrast is your biggest helper when it comes to elevating the dramatic content of your 2D work. Learn how and where to raise, or lower, contrast levels, in order to achieve the exact level of dramatic content in your work. Learn how different mediums affect the use of contrast.

A Workshop About Process

Learn the difference between what makes a sketch or a study and what makes a more complete work. Learn techniques for taking a sketch and turning it into something more polished. Gain understanding of what your own personal process is and how you use it in the studio.

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